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  • Australian city society is much the some as the rest of the Western world. Still, it’s worth knowing about the variations that do exist, because it’s usually the little surprises that trip you up- in an industry like ours, that’s generally a bad thing. With that in mind. I’ve asked a Melbourne runner for a brief rundown on Australia’s idiosyncrasies.
    A word of warning. Though some of this info may apply to Australia at large, all bets are off when you’re In the Outback. The rules are simply different out there, chummer.
  • Captain Chaos

Life in Australia



South Australia


The Big Ten Megacorps

  1. Ares Macrotechnology
  2. Aztechnology
  3. Evo Corporation
  4. Horizon Group
  5. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
  6. NeoNET
  7. Renraku Computer Systems
  8. Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries
  9. Shiawase Corporation
  10. Wuxing Incorporated

Other Megacorps

Local Corporations

Private Businesses

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