Arleesh is a Great Feathered Serpent. She has only been
awake for the past ten months, making her feel still a bit out of
things. She recently arrived in Melbourne to do some slumming and
learn more about modem Human culture. Shortly after arriving,
she sensed the presence and activity of the Idol ( Demon in a Bottle) and began to
track it. As long as the Idol remained within its barrier, however,
she could make very little headway. Only when the object was
free of its case could Arleesh begin to track it properly.

Though young for a Great Dragon, she is ancient compared
to Geyswaln. That means she has first hand knowledge of the
horrors associated with the power behind the Idol. She will do
everything within her power, including sacrificing her own life,
to destroy lt.

Arleesh is loyal only to herself. and she considers Humans
little more than tools for accomplishing her own tasks. She has
the integrity to keep her word to Humans, but she would lead
them into Hell if that would further her mission.

In the statistics above, the number in parenthesis
represents the value that applies to Arleesh when she is in
Human form.


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